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Rules for the Roleplay Forum

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1 Rules for the Roleplay Forum on Mon Jan 18, 2010 4:47 pm


The Role Playing forum is for posting and participating in role plays of any kind. Although The rules aren't very plentiful, they are very important so please follow them respectfully.

-Respect each other. Meaning, to not bully or make fun of ANY members.
-Keep it PG-13. Again, if your 13 year old sister shouldn't see it, neither should we. This includes:
*Sex scenes
* Intense gore
* Strong language
-Try not to use 'txt talk' in Roleplays, keep it as literate as possible. This does not mean we have to be English geniuses however.
-Respect the rules of individual Roleplays. In many(if not all) Roleplays you will see they have posted a set of rules. To participate in those roleplays you are expected to follow their rules as well as these.
-Do not Spam!

Here is some terminology you may see used in the Roleplay forum, you may or may not know what they mean so it is good to look this over as well.


More will be added as the problem of misunderstanding arises.

-The Admin and Mods

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